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How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean Throughout the Week

Between cleanings, your bathroom probably gets messy or visibility dirty quickly. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much time or effort to maintain a cleaner and neater

bathroom. These steps will help you stay organized and ensure the presence of germs and bacteria stays under control.

Wipe Down the Sink After Each Use

Keep wet wipes or paper towels next to your sink, along with your cleaning checklist. This will make it easier for everyone in the home to wipe down the sink after each use. A quick swipe will remove toothpaste droppings, spittle, and other types of grime without much effort.

Keep Things Organized for Better Convenience

If you only use cleaning services once a week, clutter can add up over those seven days. Reduce that accumulation by having a place for everything. Dress small wicker or plastic baskets in fabric for a cute look. Fill each basket with a specific type of product. Use blue for skin care products, pink for makeup, green for hair accessories, and so on.

Ease the Burden of Cleaning Services by Installing Self-Cleaning Toilet Accessories

When you hire a company to come in and provide sanitizing services, one of their duties will be to thoroughly clean your toilet. This will be less embarrassing if you equip your toilet to keep it cleaner throughout the week. Install an automatic toilet bowl cleaner for this purpose. A toilet tank tablet can also help by reducing rings around the bowl.

Empty the Trash Multiple Times to Reduce the Risks of Pests

When you hire cleaners in Houston, they will empty your bathroom wastebaskets during their visit. You should still remove the trash from your bathroom two or three times a week as well. In addition to creating an unpleasant smell, bathroom trash can attract pests. Keep a smaller waste receptacle in your bathroom and empty it frequently to avoid this problem.

Ask Everyone to Pitch in

Keeping your bathroom clean throughout the week will be much easier when you get everyone’s cooperation. Ask your spouse or partner to help and make sure your kids are doing their part. With everyone’s help, you can ensure you’ll never feel embarrassed when a guest needs to use your bathroom.

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